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Sektor Beta Version Sound Demos

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Hey everyone !
We are still working hard every day to finish our new project SEKTOR. Within the last few weeks we got many questions about our new project and could not give out many informations about it. We still can´t give you in-depth details about the project but decided to give you a short impression while presenting you some sound demos we have created using the beta version of Sektor. We can´t wait to give you more details very very soon !
Stay in touch !

Heatup2 Update V2.7.1 released

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Hey everyone,

just a few days ago we have released update v2.7 for Heatup2. Unfortunately with v2.7 a new bug found it´s way into heatup2 which caused that some 808´s couldnt be played all over the keys. Please download the new update v2.7.1 from my account.

After updating Heatup2 please check the version of your plugin by clicking the “Heatup2 Logo” in the LCD Screen. The Update will overwrite your .dll , .component , .vst & .vst3 files in the standard locations. If you have moved or renamed the files, the update will not take effect unless you overwrite your plugin files with the new builds.

Heatup2 Update V2.7 Released

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Update V2.7 comes with the following changes / fixes:

-Apple OSX 10.13 High Sierra support.
-Ignite VST Logo replaced by the new Initial Audio Logo.
-Preset Manager points to preset being used when recalling a session / re-opening the plugin editor.
-Preset Manager text now coloured.
-Preset Manager highlighted text while hover.

Heatup2 customers will be able to download the update from “my account”.

After updating Heatup2 please check the version of your plugin by clicking the “Heatup2 Logo” in the LCD Screen. The Update will overwrite your .dll , .component , .vst & .vst3 files in the standard locations. If you have moved or renamed the files, the update will not take effect unless you overwrite your plugin files with the new builds.


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Hey everyone,

yesterday Apple has released a new Operating System Version10.13 High Sierra“. As in every Apple Update so far, it seems like they crashed our VST Plugins and those of many other developers again ! We will investigate the matter and release a updated Heatup2 version soon to make sure Heatup2 works withHigh Sierraas well. We highly recommend to not update to Apple OSX 10.13 right now, since Heatup2 will eventually not work correctly anymore after the update. Stay in touch for further informations !


New Heatup2 Trailer online.

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Hey everyone,

3 years ago we have released Heatup Workstation, only 12 months later we have released the successor Heatup2, which has been re-coded from scratch. After many improvements, expansion packs and updates we finally made a new trailer for Heatup2 which shows how two producers compose a beat using Heatup2 in different settings. We hope you enjoy the trailer and are very excited about your feedback.

Our jurney will not end here, we will constantly improve heatup2, bring more expansions and also work on new products and technology. Very soon we will have more news about project Sektor ! Stay in touch !

License keys added to my account.

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From now on you will find your License Keys also in “my-account”. Select from the “serial keys tab” on the left your product to see the license keys you have created. If you need further keys click the “generate new serial” button. At the moment this feature has been implemented for Heatup2 only, soon we will implement other product activations as well.


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Hi everyone,

as you may have noticed we have been a bit quite for a while. One of the reasons is that we have started 1 and a half years ago our biggest project so far and it’s slowly coming to an end. At the moment our main focus is on finishing this project and we really can´t wait to tell you more about it. To get an idea of what we are working on visit www.sektor-synth.com for a sneek peek promotional image of the project.

But for now, something more important: We have rebranded from IgniteVST to Initial Audio. We started IgniteVST 3 years ago as a hobby project. Our first products have been drumkits, beat construction kits and smaller VST´s. We took some of these down with the release of heatup2 because we believed they didn’t represent our skills in coding and creativity. But we stuck with the name Ignite VST until now. Project Sekor will not only be another product from us, but will represent us in a way we want to be represented and help us appeal to a broader market. So far we are mainly known in the urban market but we know we can do more than just a hiphop vst plugin and dont want to limit ourselves to just the urban market. But don’t worry we will never forget our roots and will continue to create high quality content for urban music producers as well as producers of all types of genres. The name Initial Audio suits our vision the right way and we are very excited about the future and can´t wait to share further details about our new project with you.

Our new Website is https://initialaudio.com

What will happen with my account at ignitevst.com ?
Your account is safe ! All customers will be able to login at www.initialaudio.com under my account with the same username and password they had at IgniteVST

Will i be able to access my purchases from IgniteVST at www.initialaudio.com as well?
Yes, you will find all your purchases, downloads, serials, invoices at initialaudio.com once you have logged in at my-account.
You will see that the website is the exact same as it was before, really just the name and the logo has changed. You will feel right at home 🙂

The Freebies are back onlíne as well! You can download our Areena Reverb, Vice One Compressor and the Free Drumkit at initialaudio.com under freebies again. Get em !

We want to thank everyone who has been part of our journey, without this amazing community all this would not have been possible. We have received so much amazing feedback over the years that it was sometimes hard to believe. The amount of trust you have put in us is obvious and we think now is the time to show what we are really capable of by bringing you something you all will love and enjoy. The next months will be very hard for us since we have to work more than ever finishing the project and at the same time we will have lost a lot of brand awareness due the re-branding / domain change, the timing is not the best but better now than never. We hope you keep supporting us as you always did, especially now during this period of change. Stay tuned!

Initial Audio