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📅 October 24 2023 – Heat Up 3 – Maybach Deluxe Expansion Pack


Dear community,

As the spooky season descends upon us, we’ve brewed up a special treat just for you! Dive into the realm of loops, melodies and beats with our Slice Loop Slicer Plugin.

🌙 Original Price: $89

🔮 Halloween Sale Price: $25


Features that’ll give you goosebumps:

🎵 Over 300 loops to mix and match for a unique sound.

🥁 Over 300 Beatstarters, drum sets, and patterns to kick-start your next big hit.

🎚️ A powerful tool that sparks inspiration and brings out the mad scientist in every producer.

🤖 AI-powered time-stretch algorithm that’s unparalleled. Hardly any other plugin sounds better!


Don’t Miss Out!

This bewitching offer is set to vanish by the stroke of midnight on October 31st. Embrace the spirit of Halloween and enhance your audio production toolkit with this unmissable deal.

Stay spooky and keep the beats rolling,

Initial Audio


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📅 October 21 2023 – Heat Up 3 – Maybach Deluxe Expansion Pack


Dear community,

We’re beyond excited to introduce you to our latest creation that’s about to set your studio on fire – the Maybach Deluxe Expansion Pack! 🔥🎹



Maybach Deluxe Website


📅 August 04 2023 – Heat Up 3 – Version 3.6.3 Update


Dear community,

We have released Heat Up 3 version 3.6.3! This update fixes a graphical bug, improves the library downloader and fixes framedrops on slower machines some users have reported.

To ensure you have the best experience with Heat Up 3, we recommend installing this update on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Go to My Account


📅 July 11 2023 – Medusa 4 – Initial Slice Expansion Pack


Dear community,

We are excited to announce the release of our newest Expansion Pack for Initial Slice, Medusa 4! Featuring 15 brand new Hip Hop and Trap loops, including Beatstarters, Drum Samples and Patterns. Listen to the audio demos at the product page.

Product Page



📅 July 01 2023 – Heat Up 3 update to version 3.6


Dear community,

We are thrilled to announce the release of Heatup3 version 3.6.0.

🔥 Introducing the Black on Black Skin Set

🛠️ Optimized Setup Process for New Installations

🐞 Minor Bugfixes

ℹ️  In order to download the update, simply log in to “My Account” at and visit the “My Updates” tab. You’ll find the latest Heatup3 version 3.6.0 waiting for you there.




📅 May 16 2023 – Summer Sale

Dear music enthusiasts,

We hope this news finds you in high spirits and ready to embrace the summer vibes! We have some exciting news to share with you – our Summer Sale is now live at Initial Audio, offering incredible discounts of up to 80% off on our premium audio plugins. Get ready to elevate your music production with these sizzling deals!

🔥 Here are some of the fantastic discounts available during our Summer Sale:

🌟 All Expansion Packs – 60% Off

Enhance your sound library with our diverse expansion packs, now at an irresistible discount. Unleash your creativity across various genres and explore new sonic territories.

🎹 Heat Up 3 – 50% Off

Experience the power of our flagship virtual instrument plugin, Heat Up 3. With its extensive collection of over 1500 instruments and presets, Heat Up 3 will inspire you to create captivating melodies and groundbreaking tracks.

🎛️ Sektor Wavetable Synthesizer – 50% Off

Discover the limitless possibilities of sound design with Sektor. Unleash your sonic creativity and sculpt cutting-edge sounds that will captivate listeners.

🔪 Initial Slice Loop Slicer Plugin – 50% Off

Chop, slice, and transform your loops like never before with Initial Slice. Unlock a new level of rhythmic experimentation and infuse your tracks with dynamic energy.

🎵 808 Studio Bass Synth – 50% Off

Craft earth-shaking basslines that will shake the foundations of your tracks. 808 Studio is the go-to plugin for producers seeking that iconic 808 sound.

🎚️ Slowmo and Reverse Effect Plugins – 80% Off

Inject ethereal atmospheres and unique textures into your music with our mesmerizing Slowmo and Reverse effect plugins. Transform your sounds with ease and add a touch of magic to your compositions.

🎛️ Master Suite Effect Plugin – 75% Off

Polish your mixes to perfection with our Master Suite plugin. Unlock powerful mastering tools that will elevate the overall sound quality of your tracks.

And that’s just the beginning! We have more exciting offers waiting for you at Initial Audio. Explore our website and discover even more plugins and discounts tailored to enhance your music production journey this summer.

🌞 Embrace the summer spirit and elevate your music with Initial Audio’s Summer Sale. Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals – they won’t last forever! Visit and take advantage of these incredible discounts today.

🌼 We wish you a creative and inspiring summer filled with beautiful melodies and unforgettable productions. Thank you for being a part of the Initial Audio community.

🎧 Let’s make music that shines brighter than the summer sun!

Best regards,

The Initial Audio Team

📅 March 31 2023 – New Heatup3 Expansion Pack


Hustle – Heatup3 Expansion Pack – Out Now

Looking to create that iconic West Coast gangster feel in your beats? Look no further than the Hustle Expansion Pack for Heatup3, available exclusively at

With 250 new presets inspired by legends like Eazy E, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre, the Hustle Expansion Pack offers a highly versatile addition to your Heatup3 workstation. From booming 808s to haunting bells and soaring synths, this library offers a wide range of new sounds to take your productions to the next level.

Whether you’re a seasoned beatmaker or just starting out, the Hustle Expansion Pack is a must-have in your arsenal. All instruments have been captured in 24Bit / 44.1kHz stereo format, ensuring the highest quality sound.

This expansion is ~4GB in size and requires Heatup3 in VST or Audio Unit format to use. So what are you waiting for? Elevate your music and add that iconic West Coast vibe with the Hustle Expansion Pack for Heatup3.

Learn More

📅 January 14 2023 – New Slice update available


Initial Slice has been updated to version 1.2.2

  •  Stability fixes.
  •  UI Improvements.
  •  Fixed issues with looping, gating and reversing slices in certain situations.
  •  Global loop mode now ignores play to end and works the same as per Slice looping.
  •  Improved the original transient detect Slice mode and changed the name to “Auto Instrument”
  •  Added 7 new Slice modes. Different modes will work better for different types of loops.
  •  Slice markers can now be dragged by the line and not just the top handle.
  •  Gate didn’t work for the first slice while reversing.
  •  Gate didn’t work while looping and reversing.

The update can be downloaded in my account at the my updates tab. New installations do not require the update. All full and demo version installers have been updated to the latest version.

📅 November 17 22 – Beatmaking Contest 2022

Beatmaking Contest 2022

We have closed the submissions for our beatmaking contest. We need your help in choosing a winner! Visit our beatmaking contest website to vote for your favorite 3 entries. In order to simplify the voting process for you, we have selected 35 of the best entries. We greatly appreciate everyone’s votes. Voting will be accepted until the end of November.


Vote Now
📅 October 12 22 – Beatmaking Contest 2022

Beatmaking Contest 2022

Our beatmaking contest 2022 is live! Do you have what it takes to win 💸 $1000 Cash and the Heatup 3 Ultimate Edition? Enter our contest till november 14th by uploading a beat using one of our plugins to YouTube. Find out more about the contest and entry details at our website.


Visit Beatmaking Contest Page
📅 September 10 22 – New plugin updates available

Heatup3 Version 3.5.3

  • Fixed pitch wheel not working in Ableton Live 11.
  • Fixed master pitch control not working in FL Studio.

Sektor 1.6.4

  • Fixed pitch wheel not working in Ableton Live 11.
  • Fixed master pitch control not working in FL Studio.

Slice Version 1.2.1

  • Added Latch mode for playing back Slices. The slice will play until another key is pressed, or the Slice finishes, ignoring note offs. If Play To end is on then the Slice will play until the end of the sample.
  • Pressing the stop button now also stops any previews that might be playing.
  • Now uses the native Metal renderer by default on Mac.
  • Added openGL rendering as an option was previously always using openGL.
  • In the Standalone app dragging a slice out the app wasn’t working correctly.
  • The stretch progress bar was reaching 100% before the stretch had actually finished.
  • Slices had wrong start and end position if dragged out of Initial Slice straight after the stretch had finished.
  • Blocked being able to drag a Slice out of plugin/app before the stretch process has fully completed.
  • Dragging a slice into a  drum sequencer channel wasn’t being saved in the presets or project.
📅 August 07 2022 – New Sektor update available

Version 1.6.3

  • Added 3 new filters, SV Lowpass, SV Bandpass and SV highpass.
  • On the wavetable edit page users can now select a new wavetable to load. Previously had to go back to the main page and select in the oscillator.
  • GUI improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a preset would keep the keyboard focus and prevent notes being played from the users type keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue with the pitch wheel range.
  • Updated GUI rendering on Mac to use Metal instead of OpenGL.
  • Made OpenGL rendering optional in the settings page on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where the master Envelope would not update correctly when changed from the host.
📅 May 23 2022 – New Slice update available

Version 1.2.0

  • Added AAX plugin support for Protools.
  • Graphical improvements
  • Added more tooltips.
  • Playlist bar number starts from one instead of zero.
  • Extended the length of the playlist.
  • Added auto scrolling of the playlist.
  • When in song mode the playlist is synced to the host playlist when running as a plugin. Pressing play in the host will trigger Slices play button and play back in sync with the host.
  • Added an option to turn on or off looping the playlist.
  • Play mode is saved in the host project file.
  • When moving the playback indicator in the playlist the audio will start playing from the indicator position, instead of waiting for the start of a new block.
  • Basic loop only presets (Not Beat Starters) can be dragged directly onto the sample display. There are two options: 1 Load only the loop without setting any parameters. This is useful if you want to try out different loops but keep everything else the same. Or 2 also load the bass sequence if one is available. This bass will be in key and to the scale of the loop.
  • Added Swing to the drum sequencer.
  • Added support for ASIO drivers on windows in the standalone app.
  • Added support for bluetooth midi devices on windows in the standalone app.
  • Dragging a slice outside of the plugin/App now has the BPM of the project instead of the original sample BPM. So the slice will sound the same outside Initial Slice as inside.
  • Per slice loop and reverse now ignores the Play To End parameter and works as expected.
  • Fixed bluetooth midi not working in standalone on Mac OS 11
  • Fixed an issue where bounce wouldn’t work if files of the same name already existed.
  • Fixed the sample being out of sync when changing per slice pitch and the project BPM is different to sample BPM.
  • Fixed an issue when changing BPM in the host the slices could start at the wrong position.
  • Setting half time or double time didn’t fully take account of the host BPM.
  • Fixed an issue with drum patterns, on occasion the very first sample might not play.
  • Stability fixes.
  • Added free Expansion Pack (Magic Desert) incl. 27 new melodic loops, drum kits and beatstarters.