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Sektor Update 1.3 Beta

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We have released Sektor update 1.3 Beta

Sektor Version 1.3 Improvements:
-Switched to a much cleaner sounding limiter on the output of the synth so sounds better when the volume is pushed hard.
-Made the resonance of the filter less extreme at high settings.
-Adjusted the cutoff range for the filter.
-Added 2 new filter types Analog lowpass and Analog Highpass.
-Improved the filter menu to have more descriptive names.
-Added a more analog sounding overdrive to the master section and filters.
-Reduced the CPU usage of the Convolution reverb.
-Added a clear notes button and Humanize mode to the sequencer.
-Hold Ctrl or Command while dragging on the Osc+ page to set finer values.
-Added support for loop points in user wav files. When enabling Loop mode in the sampler if the file contains loop points these will be used instead of looping from the end of the file.
-Tooltips now take longer to show, so they don’t popup quite as much.
-Improved the level meter to show peaks more accurately.
-Improved the CPU usage of the GUI.
-When Clicking the link to generate serial, the machine name and activation code are automatically entered.
-Users can now move or install Sektors content to another harddrive instead of being forced to install all content to the main drive. Fixes:
-Samples where not retriggering correctly in mono mode with long release times.
-In MPE Mode Glide wasn’t always polyphonic.
-Fixed Heat Up 3 instruments not loading in the sample oscillator.
-Fixed a possible crash when an Impulse response was missing.
-Higher notes were louder in volume that lower notes, added some attenuation to balance out the difference to sound more natural.
-Fixed some values sticking when turning modulations off.

If you want to store the 4GB Library on another Harddrive move the Sektor folder to any other location, the folder can be found at:

On windows move this folder :

On mac move this folder:
HD:\Library\Application SUpport\IgniteVST\Sektor

New Sample Pack “Juicy Vocals” out now!

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„Juicy Vocals“ contains a big library of carefully selected vocals by more than 20 different artists. We teamed up with stunningly talented vocalists and cherry-picked their best works to create this beautiful piece. The outcome turned out to be phenomenal – expect an insane amount of rap phrases, one shots and singing from both, male and female voices, including two full acapellas. The files are individually processed & tempo-labeled.

Whether you´re looking for energetic vocal drops, cinematic screams, laughing and chants or full tracks – this kit is ready to fuel your mission. You´ll find a potent mix between raw vocals and others which have been intensely altered. Suitable for all kinds of genres like EDM, Trap, Future Bass, Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, Chillwave, Dubstep or any other urban genre.

All sounds are royalty free and ready for commercial use.

New Sample Pack “Night Wave” out now!

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Weighing in at 542 MB, this collection delivers all key-ingredients for cooking up your next hit. Being inspired by artists like Travis Scott, Wondagurl & Eestbound, this pack combines dark trap melodies with charming vibes and hard-hitting drums! Crafted to boost your creative process – it ´s time to end your beat-block now. Suitable for Trap, Hybrid Trap, Trapsoul, EDM, Chillwave and more.

All sounds are royalty free and ready for commercial use. Key- and tempo-labeled loops, one-shots & vocals included. With over 50 artists involved and nearly two years of production time on the whole series, we created a breathtaking experience for every music enthusiast. Having melted together the finest creations of our artists, we managed to build an innovative collection, easily competing with the best products on the market. Our libraries are used by platinum producers and industry giants like BL3R, who have been supported by Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Hardwell, Major Lazer, Dimitri Vegas, Gareth Emery & more.

Mastering Plugin

Master Suite – Mastering Plugin is here!

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With Master Suite mastering becomes as easy as 1-2-3. Simply adjust the loudness and finalize your track with the 3 band equalizer and stereo image controls. Sending out Songs and Instrumentals to clients, record labels, online stores and streaming services requires them to have a industry standard loudness in order to have a state of the art sound. The LUFS display indicates a industry standard loudness by turning green and warns you when you start getting too loud. An intelligent algorithm applies the right amount of limiting and compression which can be controlled with soften and mix. The HD interface looks clean, feels great and can be seamlessly resized to match your screen resolution.