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📀 Discover how to recreate 2Pac’s classic “Troublesome ’96” in our latest beatmaking tutorial. Learn to craft a rich melody, punchy bass, dynamic drums, and tension-building strings using Heat Up 3’s G-Funk Expansion pack in FL Studio. This step-by-step guide is perfect for producers of all levels looking to elevate their beatmaking skills. Watch now and bring that iconic West Coast vibe to your own tracks!


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Maybach Deluxe

🔥 Prepare to elevate your beats to unparalleled luxury with the Maybach Deluxe Heat Up 3 Expansion Pack – a standout collection of over 150 premium quality presets engineered to immerse your sound in opulence. Drawing inspiration from the lavish vibes of Maybach Music and the distinctive sounds of Rick Ross, this expansion pack is your golden ticket to crafting iconic, boss-level tracks that resonate with power and elegance.

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Beatmaking Tutorial

How to remake Ayo Technology by 50Cent and Justin Timberlake 🎹🤖

In this video, we’ll remake ‘Ayo Technology’ by 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake, produced by Timbaland, using FL Studio 20 and Sektor.

Producer Spot 4

In the latest episode of Producer Spot (Episode 4), we have the privilege of interviewing the esteemed German gold record producer, Gorex. Join us as Gorex delves into his musical journey, insights about his company, his role models in the music industry, notable collaborations with renowned artists, his appreciation for our Heat Up plugin, and valuable advice for aspiring young producers and beatmakers.

Gorex’s impressive production credits span across a diverse range of artists including Farid Bang, KC Rebell, Kay One, DMX, Zuna, Manuellsen, Bato, Animus, Azad, Sido, Majoe, Fard, Motrip, Play69, 18 Karat, Veysel, and an extensive list of other talented musicians.

About Us

Welcome to Initial Audio, where innovation meets passion in crafting exceptional audio plugins tailored for HipHop, Trap, Drill, EDM and the entire spectrum of Urban music genres. From day one, our mission has been crystal clear: to engineer top-tier, affordable audio plugins that cater to both professional music producers and aspiring bedroom beat creators. We’re not just a brand; we’re your creative partners on your musical journey.

Our Journey At the heart of Initial Audio lies an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team of audio software developers, sound designers, and music producers hails from diverse corners of the world, united by a common vision – to deliver cutting-edge VST, VST3, AU and AAX compatible plugins that redefine sound. What sets us apart is our fusion of simplicity, innovation, and accessible pricing, ensuring that the highest quality is attainable for all.

Unleash Your Sound Explore a universe of sonic possibilities with our premier virtual instruments. Heat Up 3 – the Rompler Plugin, Sektor – the Wavetable synth, and 808 Studio – the Bass Synth, are not just plugins; they’re tools designed to empower your creativity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our plugins are trusted by music producers worldwide to sculpt the sounds of the future.

Elevate Your Mix But that’s not all – our dedication to quality extends beyond instruments. Elevate your production game with our exceptional range of effect plugins. From mastering essentials to dynamic delays and compressors, our collection empowers you to shape your music with precision. Discover the unique essence of plugins like Reverse, SlowMo, and our character-rich lo-fi gem, Analog Pro.

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