Maybach Deluxe – Heat Up 3 Expansion

$59.00 $41.30

  • 153 Additional Presets for Heat Up 3
  • 1 GB Content
  • min. Heatup3 version 3.5.0 is needed in order to use this Expansion !

🔥 Prepare to elevate your beats to unparalleled luxury with the Maybach Deluxe Heat Up 3 Expansion Pack – a standout collection of over 150 premium quality presets engineered to immerse your sound in opulence. Drawing inspiration from the lavish vibes of Maybach Music and the distinctive sounds of Rick Ross, this expansion pack is your golden ticket to crafting iconic, boss-level tracks that resonate with power and elegance.


💾 Weighing in at roughly 1GB, the Maybach Deluxe Expansion provides a vault of studio-grade sounds that encompass the very essence of luxury hip-hop. From bass-heavy 808s that command respect to sumptuous keys setting a majestic atmosphere, each preset is precision-crafted to provide your tracks with that sought-after Maybach excellence. Whether laying down a royal melody or a rhythm that exudes swagger, these presets are the diamond-studded detail to elevate your production game.

🎹 Immerse yourself in a curated collection spanning Keys, Bass, 808s, Synths, Choirs, Flutes, Leads, and more. These aren’t just sounds; they are the very foundations of anthems ready to dominate airwaves. Enhance your tracks with choir harmonies exuding grandeur, lay down powerful basslines reminiscent of the Maybach roar, and explore a spectrum of sounds that defy conventional boundaries.


🎵 Precision-crafted to the finest detail, the Maybach Deluxe Heat Up 3 Expansion Pack isn’t just another toolkit addition – it’s the ace up your sleeve for producing tracks that epitomize luxury. Create with the confidence of wielding the same top-tier sounds that back chart-busting anthems. Let your creativity cruise in the fast lane, elevate the vibe, and turn your studio into an emblem of music royalty with the Maybach Deluxe Expansion. Your odyssey to hip-hop supremacy begins now.

Audio Demos

📀 Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of elite hip-hop with our compilation of 14 exclusive beat demos, offering a glimpse into the opulent sonic realms of the Maybach Deluxe Expansion Pack. Soak in the studio-grade sounds that encapsulate the grandeur of this expansion, molded by the opulent vibes of Maybach Music and the unmistakable richness of Rick Ross. Every beat demo stands as a testimony to the expansive potential this pack presents, teasing the royal experience awaiting you.

Sound Luxury

Bring the Luxury Sound of Maybach to Your Studio with Maybach Deluxe. Sound Like a Boss!

How to import Expansions


This short video shows you how to add expansion packs to Heatup3. In order to load this expansion pack you need the latest version 3.5.0

Heat UP 3 IS the One.

Rated 5 out of 5

Heat UP 3 is my favorite “go to” Plugin.

With a lot of high quality library. Lot of effects, filters and set for sound design presets. I use it several times in each of my projects. both for a synth and for a grand piano. for a pad, a bell, a pluck, etc… I can’t do without it. This is the best rompler I have ever used. far above the others (without ranking them). the installation of the library is very well designed (very simple). and the work of the initial audio team on the sounds is incredible.


Just Amazing!

Rated 5 out of 5

Heat Up is my go to VST.


Excellent Customer Service Support

Rated 5 out of 5

Have a good quality plugins is great but having customer service that replies fast and actually takes care of any issues for you in a practical way is something more 3rd party plugins need to have. When ever I have issues with initial audio plugin they actually practically fix it for you which is amazing instead of leaving you with the guess work.

Clifford was the adviser and very helpful I have nothing but good things to say about initial audio

Roh Keys


Rated 5 out of 5

Con varios años utilizando Sektor estoy muy satisfecho.

Hace unos días se desactivo y fue muy sencillo generar un nuevo número de serie para activarlo nuevamente.

Muchas gracias…!!!

Mario Martinez

schnelle Hilfe bei meiner Anfrage

Rated 4 out of 5

Probleme zu Beginn bei der Aktivierung meiner Lizenz von Plugin Alliance

Waldemar Müller

The ultimate urban synth

Rated 5 out of 5

My favorite plugin to make hip hop, trap, drill, lofi,. I love it.


The one

Rated 5 out of 5

Very good sub bass synthesize. I. Love it. Just it was cool to add some news presets. Thanks initial audio. er


Slice - Sharp as a button

Rated 5 out of 5

A great and quite novel product, encourages experimentation and generates usable and unique results!



Rated 5 out of 5

Thank you all for making my favourite synth plugin.

Customer service amazing, I had one of those hard drive crash and had to reinstall but was having a hard time authorising my plugin sent a email to support and BOMB! sorted. thanks all. love my SEKTOR!


I love it

Rated 5 out of 5

Loved it the first second I used it


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